NEXT – Barcelona NEXTSeptember NEXT First Look Forum

Organizing Team
Francesc Gomez-Morales – Francesc is a Marketing specialist with strong focus on Social Media. Marketing mentor at Playfulbet, a leader social betting platform with 100k users, and Camaloon, a Europe-leader e-commerce & artists network. Social Media Strategist in Groupalia’s launching, back in 2010. He also has a strong background on product development: He was product manager for Facebook Apps in Elogia, and product advisor for web monitoring tools like Brandchats and social apps suites like Adverway. As an entrepreneur, Francesc has created Enconexo, a network of online reputation mangament experts and he joined itnig back in 2012 to help the company became an online business accelerator where he is currently the Managing Partner.
Contact Francesc at [email protected]
Mar Romero de Tejada – Mar is Communication & Events Manager at itnig. That is where she discovered the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Barcelona back in 2012, while she was looking for a change in her professional path. Now, Mar is a startup enthusiast, who is leading communication & events at the accelerator and organizing the screening sessions with entrepreneurs. Every day at itnig, Mar absorbs new knowledge about how to build a startup, she loves to hear entrepreneur’s stories and learns 1st person about the glory & the misery of the startup way of life. Mar is also co-organizer of some of the top-crowded meetup groups in Barcelona like the Lean Startup Circle, the UX&UI; Meetup & the Growth Hacking Meetup, among others, which do their monthly gatherings at itnig’s events room.
Contact Mar at [email protected]